May 3, 2015

Introducing Henry

At 4:31 on April 28th, we welcomed the newest member of the family into the world!  Henry David Jacobs decided to come on his own (a Jacobs kid first!).  It was pretty fast as I was only in the hospital for 5 hours before he was here.  Since I wasn't induced this time, I didn't get the epidural right away like with the other 3.  Let's just say - contractions HURT!!!!!  I was shocked at how insanely painful it was.  (Duh.  It's labor, I know.  But still.  It was eye-opening.)  I ended up getting a spinal tap that wore off just as I reached 10 cm and he was pretty much ready to come.  Yipe.
Henry weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 23 inches long.  For being such a big guy, he sure is a little guy!

We are just in love with this little guy!  He is sweet as pie and definitely looks like a member of the family.

I was so relieved it was all over, and that we had our sweetie finally.

Andrew loves little "Bite-Size" (as he wanted to call him) and is happy to be a big brother once again.  He loves to hold and take care of his baby.

Charlie wanted to hold him for about 4 seconds, but does love to give him kisses on the head and gently pat his tummy.

Emily said he was "great" and liked saying hi to him from across the room.

The Six of Us!

Andrew let the baby know that when he was bigger, like 5, he could do a lot more things like him.

All my boys.  I love this picture.

These two were mostly just excited to eat cups of ice.


There's a reason I keep accidently calling him Charlie.  He looks SO much like his big brother.

Being born is hard work!

What we did for 2 days straight.

Because crying baby pictures make me laugh for some reason.
Welcome to the world, Big Hal.  We sure love you.

April 27, 2015

Singin' in the Rain

A couple weeks ago, Mike came home during the rain because it was raining and he wanted to let the kids try "engineer raincoats."  The kids were ecstatic over their garbage bag protection, and played for quite a while out there.  And they were adorable.  (Charlie was napping, as was I.)

The look of adoration is so priceless.

And because Charlie is so cute, too.

Catching Up Before #4

Here I am on Sunday - little guy has definitely outstayed his welcome.
She is too cute.

Silly kid

Our good friends the Bees had us over last week for dinner, and then the kids got to feed the baby calf.  It was adorable, and the kids had so much fun.  I love that family so much!

Andrew and his buddy Ben.

Charlie enjoyed chasing the calves, mooing.

It was a chilly morning, and they got to play the Kindle and my phone.  They had a fun time, and they were adorable.

I got out some paints the other day and the two oldest played with it for SO long.  They were very creative, and when Emily realized what I meant by "They're fingerpaints - that means you can use your hands to paint" she really went to town - as you can see here.

For church yesterday, Andrew asked to do Emily's hair.  I took these pictures before the finished product.  There were lots more bows than this when he finished.

She was a LOT more patient with him than she is with me.

The kids accessorized.  You can't tell very well but Andrew is also wearing sandals and his pants have a hole in the knee.  We noticed that when we went inside the chapel.  I managed to fix Em's hair but Andrew snuck another bow in at the last second.  They are so stinking cute.

They were pretending to sleep.  After I took this picture, Andrew asked me if he was 'as cute as a kangaroo rat being born.'

April 22, 2015


We have LOVED knowing that winter is behind us, and that Spring is here to stay!  (for a while anyway)  So here's how we've been spending it lately
I love all the "comfy" positions this kid gets in.  Apparently he needed Legos to sleep.

We got home from church the other day and Charlie insisted on wearing Emily's headband.  "I fancy."  He wore it for hours.

They love it when they have a "picnic."

Cute girl
We went out for a nice walk the other day.  It was so awesome.  The kids were so excited to explore.  Can I just say how cute my boys are?

Little Explorers

Emmie and her swollen, 9 month pregnant mama.

I'm pretty much ready to have our little guy come out and meet his family.

"Mommy, I want to sneeze on a dandelion!"

Admit it.  You're jealous of that silhouette.


Charlie loved picking dandelions.  He also really enjoyed hitting them with all his might and making the seeds go everywhere while he laughed like a mad man.

We are so happy for this season, and so happy to have our family all here with Uncle Tom visiting!