April 13, 2014

Which Came First?

The Chicken?  Or the egg?
We found out the answer!  It's the chicken of course!
On Thursday, the kids were looking out the sliding glass door and were super excited.  Then I saw the chicken.  Apparently she just wanted to come for a visit.  The kids were super excited.  She even laid an egg in our backyard.  Her owners were happy to find her, though.
It particularly cracked Andrew up that it flew up and stood on our chairs.  When I asked why he thought the chicken had come by, he said, "Just to see our beautiful pictures."  Probably so.  Our sidewalk chalk pictures are pretty gorgeous.
Then tonight we decided to dye Easter eggs.  The kids were pretty excited about it.  (Please ignore the mess in the background.  Mike was gone at a conference for a couple days and the kids and I have been sick- fevers, ear infections, upper respiratory infections, headaches, general yuckiness.) 
They really had a great time, but apparently it's impossible to get any pictures of them smiling.
Andrew is really good at smiling for the camera when I ask him to, but they aren't always the most natural smiles.  And he doesn't always look at the actual camera.
I took the one of Andrew, then took one of Mike, who posed like our favorite 4 year old.  And when we looked at the pictures, we laughed like crazy.

April 10, 2014

It's My Blog and I'll Brag If I Want To.

I'm sure people get sick of me bragging on my kids, but I can't help it.  They are so dang cute and creative. 
Although I didn't seem to get any pictures of her actually smiling, she was having a great time.  She got a stuffed bird animal and was making it fly while having the bird say things like, "I'm flying!  Wow!  Look at me!  I'm as high as a kite.  Thanks!"  Then apparently the bird needed to be rescued, and Emmie was there to save the day.
This little gal knows her stuff.  She finds shapes around the house, as well as pointing out numbers and letters wherever she goes.  She loves to play pretend, and can be counted on to be any number of animals at any point of the day.  There's something super cute about having your little girl in the tub, hair all soaped up on top of her head, pretending to swim and making weird noises, saying, "Mommy, I just TWYIN' to be a whale wight now."
 Andrew has been blowing us away with the creativity he has been showing with his drawing.  As little as 8 months ago or so, all he was drawing were scribbles or "pipes" which were lines.
Instructions for making a sock puppet.
Bugs crawling toward a chocolate chip cookie, saying Mmmm!  He drew the cookie, asked me to make the ants, then came back to me a few minutes later with the rest.  SO cute.  He informed me that bugs like things that are sweet and crunchy.
It's backwards, but he wrote "Hi you" by himself, then asked how to spell I Love You.  It was a message for Mike, I believe.
Sorry these are sideways.  These are different robots.  And they are so cute, and each is unique.
This is some sort of maze/aquarium for tadpoles.
A pickle
Fish and tadpoles with numbers for their fins.
A truck.  He made several of these and today asked me to help make a book of them.  The top left corner has a checkmark.  When we do school, he gets either a checkmark or a smiley face when he's done.  When he finishes a drawing, he often gives himself a checkmark and says, "Wow, that is great!"
Fish swimming up to his fish bowl.
A guy with food, standing on a table.  See the wood grain?  I'm telling you, he's pretty detailed!
So yeah, my kids are basically smart, creative, beautiful, wonderful.  I'm bragging, but you're reading it, so you might just have to agree with me.  :)

Never a Dull Moment

Life with little Charlie Boy is never boring.  He's hilarious and sweet, and on top of all these great qualities, he's a seriously active and climbing little man.  He gets on top of everything. 
Plus he's one cool cat.

April 9, 2014


I have a few confessions to make.
1.  I believe I may be a cyborg.  You know all those motion detector lights and faucets and water fountains and soap dispensers and everything else in this world?  They completely don't acknowledge my existence.  I remember going into a bathroom once and trying to get the lights to turn on.  Just me walking in there did nothing.  Waving my arms around like a lunatic left me standing in the dark.  Jumping up and down and running around in circles made me look like quite the fool....especially when someone else walked in, and the lights immediately came on.  I mean....seriously?  The one thing that notices me?  Motion detecting toilets.  But they always seem to flush the moment I sit down.
2.  I have a nervous twitch.  Or a tic.  Or a speech impediment.  I really don't know what it is.  I don't know when it's going to happen.  I know it happens more when I'm tired, sick, stressed, or nervous.  But it also happens when I'm rested, well, calm, and collected.  It happens in front of large groups, small groups, or just when I'm talking to Mike.  I don't really know how to describe it, except that it makes my mouth jerk to the right and I can't get out the word I want to.  I try again and my mouth won't just calm down and let me say what I want to say.  And I panic.  I rarely volunteer to read in public, because I know it could happen anytime.  It isn't something that people really know about me, because I've gotten better about hiding it and because it doesn't happen all the time.  It's something that I really hate, but I've come to be so grateful that I don't have a serious stammer or stutter. 
3.  I can't stand the feel of cotton.  Because...yuck.  Seriously, it makes my toes curl up and my teeth hurt.
4.  It's only a matter of time before I seriously embarrass myself.  Am I the only one who forgets themselves when they're at the gym?  Listening to my music, working out....there have been quite a few times when I have almost busting into song out loud or started shaking my funky groove.  Am I alone in this?
That is all.  I will let you know if there are more things in the future that I need to get off my chest.  :)
And a picture Mike took of me making dinner.  Because blog posts without pictures are boring.

April 6, 2014

A Nice Addition to the Family

No.  Not another baby.  But yeah, I know I had you thinking that for a sec.
There are actually two additions.  One was a baby swing for Charlie.  He kept wanting to swing on the big swings, or getting knocked to the ground because he was getting too close.  He loves his swing!  Andrew and Emmie have been very sweet trying to push him in it.
And can we all weep just a little for me, because LOOK at how big my baby has gotten.  He has grown up so fast!

We had some friends come over the other day, and they brought the best gift imaginable to a little Andrew we know.  TADPOLES!  They have grown so much this week, and it's fun to see them swim around.  I'm always convinced we're going to kill them, but they're hardy little suckers, and are super easy to take care of.  Thanks, Kamerer kids!